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Maintain Your Garden in Gurugram Sector 46

Having a rooftop garden at your place in Gurugram Sector 46 which the best asset for your physical and mental health. Krest Greens helps you to design Rooftop Gardening in Gurugram Sector 46, grow and maintain Garden in Gurugram Sector 46.

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Rooftop Gardening Services in Gurugram Sector 46

Landscape Architecture

Krest Greens provides Garden Landscape Architect Services in Gurugram Sector 46 for your place as per your requirement.

Artificial Grass

Krest Greens supplies and installs UV protected artificial grass in Gurugram Sector 46 for your terrace or any place.

Park Construction

Krest Greens manages Park Construction projects in Gurugram Sector 46 on turnkey basis and within your pocket friendly budget.

Home Garden Setup
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24 Years of Gardening Experience
About Us

We Create & Manage Gardens Around in Gurugram Sector 46

Rooftop Gardening Services in Gurugram Sector 46, Roof Garden Design Setup Cost in Gurugram Sector 46, Roof Garden Installation & Consultants Services in Gurugram Sector 46. Creating a beautiful Garden is an art as well science. Krest Greens provide best services in Gurugram Sector 46 for visualisation, designing, modelling, execution and maintenance of gardens at all scales. Whether it is a small set up at your terrace, balcony or a large set up at your office, factory in Gurugram Sector 46, Krest Greens works within your budget.

  • Gardens can be created at your terrace, balcony, farmhouse, office or factory in Gurugram Sector 46.
  • Gardens can be made with real plants, real grass or artificial plants and artificial grass in Gurugram Sector 46.
  • Gardens can be horizontal or vertical in direction.
  • Gardens need regular maintenance to keep its beauty intact.
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Our Gardening Services

Krest Greens provide complete services for all kind of garden set up for your place in Gurugram Sector 46. Professional team at Krest Greens helps you to achieve your dreams.


Terrace Garden

Terrace Garden is the best to optimise limited space in urban set up and it can be easily maintained.

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Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens use tiny floor space and provide elegance and greenery at your home or office.

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Plants Supplier

We supply Air purifying plants, useful plants, exotic plants, plants used for religious purposes.

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Why Choose Us

Krest Greens manage all Gardening projects within time, within budget and provides best quality to its customers

The Best Garden Designs

Krest Greens provides the best in class garden designs for optimum use of space.

Complete Set of Services

Krest Greens provides complete set of services for all kind of gardens for complete peace of mind.

12/7 Customer Support

Krest Greens has three tiers Heldesk and a call centre to manage all customer queries and feedback.

Annual Maintenance Services

A real garden needs real maintenance. Krest Greens provide contant support for maintenance of your garden.

Our Other Services

Krest Greens provide terrace waterproofing services, potting soil mix, garden accessories, terrace roofing shed fabrication, green shade net, decorative planters.

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The Value of Gardening as a Hobby

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Vertical Gardening and its Impact

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